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I'm Rachel, a passionate Human Resources Consultant and Business Writer who listens, plans, and creates solutions fostering innovation and quality in every project. I love helping businesses achieve their goals!

I reside in the great state of Kansas with my husband and two sons. When I'm not writing or talking HR, I love reading, traveling, cooking, and playing tennis.


Your Freelance Solution

As an innovative Human Resources Consultant and Business Writer (content and copy) with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in HR, I’m committed to delivering high-quality work and reliable solutions for my clients. I collaborate with companies, agencies, and individuals on a project basis, working closely with each client to get them exactly what they need.

I can help you:


Achieve HR Success

Fulfilling HR goals makes your business excel. I can be your thought-partner and extra hand to solve problems and complete projects with innovative and quality work.


Drive Business through Writing 

 By connecting with your audiences better and delivering engaging and relevant content and copy, you can see exceptional results. I help your business grow by creating compelling stories and persuasive copy that sells while maintaining your brand voice.


Save Time and Money 

Being resourceful in terms of your time and money will help your business thrive. I deliver quality, timely results with a freelance hourly or project rate.


I provide expertise in Human Resources and in telling the world about all you have to offer through content writing and copywriting.

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Human Resources Consulting

If you have Human Resources projects you want to outsource or need HR expertise, I can help you! I provide clients with innovative HR solutions and quality work to fit their needs in areas including: 

Strategic advice and planning

Personnel management

Training and development programs

Data analysis

Preparing reports

Document creation

Examples of past projects:​

  • Instrumental in a company reorganization, making recommendations for staffing and departmental structure

  • Created technical training guides specific for each department to educate staff and reduce job errors

  • Analyzed staff absenteeism and created reports with recommendations for management to improve performance

  • Wrote and edited employee handbooks streamlining processes 

  • Entered employee policy and procedure violations into online database saving the company hours of time each week in completing that task

When hiring me, you get a hard-working Human Resources professional to help make your goals attainable. I produce quality, innovative, and timely results. 


Business Writing

If you have a great business, the world should hear about it and connect to it. As a content writer and copywriter, I tell compelling stories to drive audience engagement and increase brand value as well as create persuasive copy that turns potential customers into valued patrons. Look no further for a business writer for:

Blog posts


Social media posts


Email campaigns

Website content



Examples of work:

  • Provided website language for a local barbershop that wanted to express their commitment to community and highlight their ability to serve every hair type

  • Wrote a blog on motherhood for a website to engage their audience, increase views to their site, and support their mission of celebrating motherhood

  • Created a flyer to get potential patients to choose a healthcare clinic (spec work)

  • Wrote social media posts for a University to connect with students and promote campaigns and services

When hiring me, you get a business professional who knows how to write engaging content and persuasive copy. I can celebrate your brand and successes through writing to better connect with your audience and drive business.

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I’m currently accepting new commissions, and would love to work together on your next project. Get in touch today to discuss your goals.

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